Book on German teams of SDE 21>22 available for free download

HFT-Beitrag coLLab zum Wettbewerb Solar Decathlon Europe 21>22 in …

Team Deutschland Solar Decathlon Europe 21/22 [Hrsg.]; Team LOCAL+; Team X4S; Team MIMO; Team RoofKIT; Team Deeply High; Team levelup; Team coLLab: Solares und kreislaufgerechtes Bauen : die deutschen Beiträge zum Solar Decathlon Europe 21/22

Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT) Repositorium, 250 S., 27.03.2023

solar decathlon europe 21/22 – competition source book

HFT Contribution coLLab published in a new Open-Access-Book

Karsten Voss, Katharina Simon (Hrsg.): solar decathlon europe 21/22 – competition source book.
1. Auflage 2023.

German Statement here.

The full book can be downloaded for free (59.7 mb).

Solar Decathlon Europe 2021/22 @ Wuppertal

Here you find further information:



Website of the Organizers in Wuppetal:

Info on the parallel research project(s) at HFT Stuttgart:

HFT @ sde21 !

The HFT Stuttgart has been selected to participate in the international competition “Solar Decathlon Europe” (SDE21), the “solar decathlon” in Wuppertal, as one of 18 international teams. A HFT press release can be found here (German). Further press information provided by the organizers can be found here (German) or here (English).

2011-12 home+ @ Ulm

From July to November 2011, our house home+ has been opened to the public in the city centre of Ulm, Olgastrasse 72. Here are some images of the opening ceremony (HWK President Anton Gindele, Mayor-of-Ulm
Ivo Gönner, Reinhold Müller, Jan Cremers). Further informationen on HFT Stuttgart’s project for the Solar Decathlon Europe 2010 can be found here

2008-11 home+, Solar Decathlon Europe 2010

home+Solar Decathlon Europe 2010‘, managing project director at HFT Stuttgart, Start: November 2008, sponsored by the German Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Technologie (BMWi) by appointment of the German Parliament (Bundestag),

Ranking/ Prizes:
3rd final rank overall, further prizes in the following categories:
1st prizes in »Innovation« and »Construction and Engineering«,
2nd prizes in »Appliances and Functioning« and »Solar Systems«,
3rd prize in »Sustainability«

‘Bauhaus.SOLAR Award’, final round and distinction, Erfurt 11-2010

Architekturpreis Gebäudeintegrierte Solartechnik 2011 – Sonderpreis Studentische Projekte (Architectural Award for Building Integrated Solar Technology 2011 – Special Award for Student Projects)

see home+ SDE2010 website at HFT Stuttgart,
home+ @ youtube