2nd Case-Study-Day @ HFT on Jan 20th 2017

On 20.1.17 our second Case-Study-Day of the HFT-course KlimaEngineering will take place. Two innovative projects will be presented from different perspectives (in German):



Presentations by Michael Nitze, Angela Fritsch, Andreas Beccard, Markus Pfeil, Harald Glaser and  Jens Jaschek.

Further information (in German) at

Building Openings Construction Manual

In September 2016, the new Building Openings Construction Manual has been published by DETAIL:
Cremers, J. (Author and Editor), co-authors are: M. Binder, P. Bonfig, J. Hartwig, W. Jehl, H. Klos, I. Leuschner, U. Sieberath, E. Sohn, T. Stark: Building Openings Construction Manual: Windows, Vents and Exterior Doors, DETAIL, Munich, Germany, 288 p., 9-2016

herein the following chapters:
Cremers, Jan: ‘Openings in buildings’ (A1), p. 8-11
Cremers, Jan: ‘Designing facade openings’ (A3), p. 24-31
Cremers, Jan with ift Rosenheim (Ulrich Sieberath, Ingo Leuschner): ‘Requirements and protective functions – building physics fundamentals’ (B1), p. 50-85
Cremers, Jan: ‘Materials, components, types of construction’ (B2), p. 86-119
Cremers, Jan with ift Rosenheim (Ulrich Sieberath, Wolfgang Jehl, Ingo Leuschner): ‘Building connection and structural context ‘ (B3), p. 120-147
Cremers, Jan; Binder, Markus: ‘Passive solar energy use’ (C1), p. 170-189

ISBN: 978-3-95553-298-7 (Print)
ISBN: 978-3-95553-299-4 (E-Book)
ISBN: 978-3-95553-300-7 (Bundle)

Further information can be found at the webpage of the publisher.

World Symposium on Sustainable Development at Universities, Boston

Botero, Lisa; Eicker, Ursula; Cremers, Jan; Palla, Nansi; Schoch, Christiane; Bossert, Michael: ‘A Real-world Lab Approach to the Carbon Neutral Campus Transition: A Case Study.’. World Symposium on Sustainable Development at Universities (WSSD-U-2016), Boston, USA. September 14-16, 2016. Paper #104/Track 4b. Proceedings, 10 pages

Final research report now available online (PVTintegral)

Cremers, Jan; Eicker, Ursula; Palla, Nansi; Jobard, Xavier; Klotz, Fritz; Mitina, Irina: Multivalente photovoltaisch-thermische Kollektoren zur Kälte-, Wärme- und Stromerzeugung und Szenarien für die Gebäudeintegration (PVTintegral) : Projektbericht : Laufzeit: 01.09.2012 bis 31.10.2015. TIB Hannover. 2016

1st Case-Study-Day @ HFT

On 22.1.16 our first Case-Study-Day of the HFT-course KlimaEngineering took place. Three innovative projects have been presented from different perspectives (in German):
1. Upcycling mit Augenmass: Sanierung eines Wohnhochhauses, Pforzheim, 1970/2014
2. Neu und engagiert – innovativer Massivholzbau: Woodcube, Hamburg, 2013
3. Konsequenter Monolith mit Weitblick: Haus 36, Stuttgart, 2014
Further information (in German) here.