Building Openings Construction Manual

In September 2016, the new Building Openings Construction Manual has been published by DETAIL:
Cremers, J. (Author and Editor), co-authors are: M. Binder, P. Bonfig, J. Hartwig, W. Jehl, H. Klos, I. Leuschner, U. Sieberath, E. Sohn, T. Stark: Building Openings Construction Manual: Windows, Vents and Exterior Doors, DETAIL, Munich, Germany, 288 p., 9-2016

herein the following chapters:
Cremers, Jan: ‘Openings in buildings’ (A1), p. 8-11
Cremers, Jan: ‘Designing facade openings’ (A3), p. 24-31
Cremers, Jan with ift Rosenheim (Ulrich Sieberath, Ingo Leuschner): ‘Requirements and protective functions – building physics fundamentals’ (B1), p. 50-85
Cremers, Jan: ‘Materials, components, types of construction’ (B2), p. 86-119
Cremers, Jan with ift Rosenheim (Ulrich Sieberath, Wolfgang Jehl, Ingo Leuschner): ‘Building connection and structural context ‘ (B3), p. 120-147
Cremers, Jan; Binder, Markus: ‘Passive solar energy use’ (C1), p. 170-189

ISBN: 978-3-95553-298-7 (Print)
ISBN: 978-3-95553-299-4 (E-Book)
ISBN: 978-3-95553-300-7 (Bundle)

Further information can be found at the webpage of the publisher.